Our Fit PRocess

Finding clothes that fit a fuller cup size can feel like an impossible journey. The customer often has to compromise to make their body work with how the garment is designed.

Have you ever...

Had to wear a tank top underneath something because if worn alone, it's too revealing?

Sized up to fit your bust and then had to spend more money altering the lower body to fit?

Bought a strapless bra to wear something cute, only to regret it an hour later when it was painfully digging into your ribs?

Felt super self-conscious about the size of your breasts because nothing ever seems to fit correctly?

A larger bust can sometimes be overwhelming to style and clothing that pulls, gaps, and digs into your skin isn't helping.

We think it's so frustrating to have to do so many things just to be able to get dressed in the morning. The average American woman's bra size is a 34DD but the majority of fashion brands fit on an A or small B cup. This means that if your cup size is larger than a B-cup, regardless of how much you size up in the garment, it may never fit your chest. It just wasn't designed with enough fabric to accomodate a larger bust.

At Classy Fabulous Daydreams, we want you to feel confident & gorgeous in our dresses. That's why we go against the industry standard and fit everything on a fuller D-cup size. Then, we cross-fit on multiple women's bodies to further perfect the fit. We know how hard it can be to find clothes that are flattering and we've got your girls covered!

How Our Fit is Different

Designer Lea Finley has curated a wealth of knowledge from her years of experience both dressing her own DD-cup bust as well as styling and designing for all types of women's bodies. She knows the best silhouettes to fit and flatter your figure and which necklines will always be a no-go.

We meticulously fit and re-fit until each garment hangs perfectly on the body. Then we cross-fit on as many other women as we can to make sure that we're making each style as comfortable, flattering and eye-catching as possible.

Everything is bra friendly. Literally everything. Because you should never have to choose between supporting your girls and wearing your favorite dress.