Classy Fabulous Daydreams is a slow fashion brand sustainably & ethically manufactured in Los Angeles. We celebrate the gorgeous beauty of the earth and strive to operate on a low waste, minimal impact model. We're not perfect but try to do a little bit better every day.

"In creating this line, producing it sustainably has been a huge focus. In these time, it doesn't make sense to put a product out into the world without doing as much as you can to manufacure it ethically." Founder, Lea Anderson

We work hard to design clothes that not ony fit incredible on our customers, but also produce them in a way that is better for the environment while paying local dressmakers ethical wages to sew our dresses with so much love.

Everything from designing the product, sourcing the sustainable textiles, manufacuring the garments, packing the dress & finally shipping them to you is done locally in Los Angeles.

Our Fabrics

We believe fashion should be created slowly & thoughtfully with so much gratitude for our Mother Nature. Our materials are sustainably sourced deadstock fabrics, giving them a fabulous new life. Similar to thrifted or secondhand clothing, deadstock fabric is essentially secondhand fabric that was previously developed by another brand. It's common in the industry to have to order fabric before even knowing the amount of orders per style. This practice can be very wasteful and most brands end up overestimating their fabric orders so they can easily re-cut into them if they sell. Inevitably, this creates a lot of wasted fabric at the end of each season. These fabrics either get thrown away, never used & left to rot in a warehouse or sold to places that sell deadstock fabrics.

Much of the pollution & environmental consequences related to clothing occurs during the textile production. In using deadstock fabrics, we're able to have a significantly smaller carbon footprint since we aren't adding to the environmental implications of developing & shipping new fabrics. It also means we get to use stunning textiles that otherwise would be thrown away.

Since all our fabrics are thrifted, sometimes we're only able to get a small amount of yardage in each fabric, only enough to make just a couple of dresses. This makes each dress a limited edition treasure.

Our Low Waste Initiative

We operate slowly, making small limited production runs in each style. To operate low waste, it's important to always sell as much as you produce and we live by this mantra. This extends to all facets of the company and in efforts to remain as low waste as possible, we work hard to utilize every leftover scarp of fabric. That's why you can find limited quantities of matching printed scarves & hair accessories for our dresses. It's a win for our customers & a win for Mother Nature!